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Alandata Data Recovery Services offers state-of-the-art, industry leading innovation, in data recovery services, techniques and utilities. We recover data from any storage media. Hard Drives, Tape, CR-ROM, DVD, Magneto, Flash, Compact Flash, SD, iPod, iPad and iPhones. We have the expertise, proprietary tools and techniques to optimize the recovery process. Alandata can successfully diagnose, repair, and recover your data with maximum efficiency to prevent any further harm to your data.

RAID / NAS Drive Data Recovery Service

RAID / NAS Data Recovery

Alandata specializes in RAID data recovery. We emphasize Linux, RAID and NAS storage devices. We are an innovator of data recovery, techniques, methods and programs.

Hard Drive Data Recovery Service

Hard Drive Data Recovery

Alandata has specialized tools for hard drive data recovery. If you have a hard drive that has failed or is no longer readable, we can help.

SSD Drive Data Revovery Services

SSD Drive Data Recovery

SSD & NVMe data recovery services introduce unique problems, often times requiring physical repair. We can help!

Thumb Drive Data Recovery Service

USB / Memory Drive Data Recovery

Do you have a USB Drive or Memory Card that you can't read, no problem. Bring it in and let us recover your data for you.
Alan Data - Enterprise Data Recovery Systems

Data Recovery Specialists

Alandata is the real deal in data recovery. We have been recovering data for over 30 years. Since 1983. The art of data recovery is a very safely kept secret to almost all recovery experts. It takes many years of experience and knowledge to be an expert at data recovery. It’s not something one can easily come by in school. They don’t offer classes in data recovery. For this reason, less than 5% of  companies listed in Google search results  for “data recovery” have our capabilities. And of those companies, none can match our prices.

All recoveries are done in our facility by our professional technicians, and every single job stays in our hands. We will never compromise your data by having outside consultants dial in to work on your drive ever.  And we will NEVER ship your drive to another company!

We invite you to come into our location, meet us, see our facility and know that your data is in good hands. Don’t ever ship your drive, it may very well be the last time you see it, or any of your data.


Data Recovery Services

RAID data recovery services

We specialize in RAID recovery. We wrote our first in-house RAID data recovery tool-software suite in 1981. Since that time we have recovered hundreds and hundreds of RAIDs.

RAID data recovery requires expert analysis and lots of experience. Most of our RAIDs data recoveries come from other data recovery companies who don’t have the required experience.

We have recovered RAIDs for IBM, New York Medical Center and many others. We have recovered RAIDS which giant international companies such as Ontrack and Ess Data Recovery failed to recover. We have recovered giant 20-terabyte arrays consisting of 20 drives.  NAS, Network Attached Storage devices, are RAIDS – such as LaCie, Buffalo, Netgear, Linksys…

recovering data from crashing hard drives still partially accessible

We provide data recovery services for many damaged devices – like when a thumb drive gets bent or broken off. We can remove the memory chips from the device, read the raw memory directly to recover your files if necessary.

hard drive service area corruption recovery

The service area is a part of the disk drive that is inaccessible to the user but is critical for the drive to function. The service area has things like the bad block list, the voltages required to read and write, the firmware etc. The service area can only be accessed and analyzed using special sophisticated equipment. Alandata has the considerable experience and expertise that is required to repair or bypass Service Area issues.

hard drive data recovery services

Data Recovery problems range from simple to ultra-difficult. Simpler problems that can be solved with generic software includes, deleted-files, corrupted file-systems, virus infections and minor bad media. Many computer shops offer ‘data-recovery’ for these non-intrusive situations. Alandata has invested in the tools and has the expertise to recover much more difficult problems.

memory cards, thumb drives, portable drives

We provide data recovery services for many damaged devices – like when a thumb drive gets bent or broken off. We can remove the memory chips from the device, read the raw memory directly to recover your files if necessary.

data recovery due to electronic failures

Circuit Boards on modern drives are programmed and tuned to each drive and can rarely be swapped in case of failure. We can repair or reprogram bad boards.

iPod, iPads and iPhone failures

We rebuild and recover the micro-sized drives found in iPods, iPads and iPhones.

tape data recovery services / media conversion

We wrote our own in-house suite of tools to recover data from tapes. Having written our own software tool-suite means that we can easily adapt the software to the frequently changing tape formats.


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