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Thumb Drives, SD cards, Flash drives are solid state devices that store data in NAND memory chips. Thumb drives often get broken off when users move their computers around. NAND memory wears out – they will all eventually fail. To minimize the effect of wearing out the memory blocks are shuffled around. One way to recover a NAND device is to fix it – this is about 50% successful. Another way to recover the data is to read the data directly from the memory chips with a special NAND reader.

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Alandata has successfully repaired and recovered many, many thumb drives and memory cards over the last few years. Alandata is one of only a few data recovery companies to have the technology to read the memory directly from the NAND memory chips. This process requires the NAND chips to be desoldered from the thumb drive and read on a special reader. After that the descrambling challenge begins. NAND memory wears out as it is used – eventually they will all fail. To minimize the wear problem the memory is stored in blocks and the blocks are shuffled around. Unfortunately there are no standards as to how the blocks are stored. So every manufacturer uses his own scheme. There are literally thousands of possibilities. The challenge comes in determining the proper configuration – this takes experience, tools and expertise. Alandata has all 3.


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All data recoveries are done in our facility by our professional technicians, and every single job stays in our hands. We will never compromise your confidential data by outsourcing your recovery to consultants who connect via internet or by shipping your drive to another company. Alandata is the real deal in data recovery. We have been doing data recovery for over 30 years.

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